Motion Reflexion

Motion Reflexion is an innovative exercise program for stress management and relaxation that was developed by Anne Sophie Roy.  It is built on the fundamentals of harmony, and deeply rooted in music philosophy and the understanding of the remedial faculty of music. 

Harmony we ‘hear’ in music, is harmony we ‘feel’ in motion. Finding harmony in our movements is a pathway to inner-strength, inner-balance, and the reconciliation of the mind-body connection. Motion Reflexion takes an holistic approach to wellness.
Emotional factors, significant to our lives, influence greatly our state-of-mind and mirror onto our physical state of well being. Motion Reflexion is a relaxation program designed to help alleviate tension and fatigue caused by emotional turbulence and stress. It offers a platform to explore ‘movement’ by means of soft creative exercises for relaxation, built on the principles of logic of form, geometry and resolution.  These are all (3) essential elements of music, also important when doing physical exercises. The program teaches how to recognize our natural pace and the unique symmetry of our body as a measure of comfort.  The exercise movements emphasize personal rhythm and integrate stillness as part of the relaxation.

In his study on music and the mind, Anthony Storr speaks with conviction on how “music can help bring order to muscular movements and promotes order within the mind.” Many, if not all, of music’s essential processes, says Dr.Storr, can be found in the constitution of the human body and in patterns of interaction of bodies in society.”

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