Motion Reflexion Testimonials

“It is a beautiful class where motion of the body floats and harmonizes with each movement.  With each movement, one regains understanding and the opportunity and possibility to liberate.  Thank you.”

“I learned that there can be harmony in individualization.  When I am at home, I bring some of the experiences from the course and try to let go of the tensions and stresses of the day.  Sophie is awesome in the sense that she guides us in valuing our own uniqueness and expressing our uniqueness.”

“I am grateful to learn about my body, the movements, the center and to be gentle and accepting of myself.  I feel love from the music that is composed just for the sessions.  There was much thought/heart put into the class.  Thank you.”

“If Motion Reflexion were a part of my treatment from day 1, I would be in a much better place.  The connection to mind, body & movement is evident, well-taught and absolutely freeing.  The music creates a whole new dimension to relaxation, breathing & healing.  Thank you for a wonderful course.  I will take the principles with me always.  P.S. A few more weeks would be awesome.”

unnamedThis is a thank you letter to Anne Sophie Roy, a talented musician/composer and dedicated Wellness Instructor, who has been working with the Seniors Wellness group of the Greek Orthodox Family Services, every Tuesday afternoon, once a week, since the beginning of the program in 2011.

Anne Sophie is loved and respected by every senior participant, as well as the staff of the Social Services.  Her work is invaluable for the group, as well as many times, we recommend Anne Sophie’s services and talent for events in our community.We are very grateful to have her in our group. Congratulations and. “Go for it Sophie”!

                              Lucy Grigoriadis Director of programs

 Greek Orthodox Family Services

PastedGraphic-1  “I have known & worked with the delightfully sunny Ms Roy since we first met in 2010. As a project manager and a fundraiser, it is always a pleasure and an inspiration for me to watch her working her magic with community groups, seniors, and children.  But it wasn’t until I sustained an injury to my rotator cuff following the ice storm of 2013, and most recently, a painful condition with my foot, that I personally benefitted from her Motion Reflexion Program. Relaxation doesn’t come easily to me, but her healing powers are remarkable and I would fully endorse her to anyone who values wellness and wishes to feel better.”

Eileen Oliver , Partner BGO Consulting Inc



Hi Anne Sophie, How can I thank you for making this proactive move to honour my father.  I am sure that if it had not been for you this event would not have taken place.  You said it could be done and so it was. I have had so many wonderful comments.  Everyone absolutely loved the celebration.  Your special touch, compassion and desire to pay tribute to my father was warmly felt by everyone.  My family was so pleased and when I got to look after my dad shortly after, you will know I will be singing your praises. Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  All the effort was well worth it!

  Hugs,  Bernice Carnegie

RobinFrom Robin Mednick  “Mon Ami au bout du Monde” Anne Sophie, What a spectacular event you put on…what enormous heart you poured into that song…I absolutely LOVED it.  TRULY TRULY loved it.I adore the words, the music and the children singing it.  It is very very special, and so are you.  I loved meeting your children…how adorable.  They must be so proud of you, Anne Sophie.Many many hugs and tremendous appreciation,CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Robin Mednick, Executive Director Pencils for Kids

                                       “Sharpen the minds of the future!”

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