Custom Wellness Program

Motion Reflexion Program

Is a series of custom wellness sessions with variable applications, designed to meet a specific purpose and to accommodate the participants, depending on age, physical condition and the environment used to conduct the program.  Sessions of: 20 minutes, 40 minutes and 1 hour.

Program Usage

  1. General Health Improvement
  2. Corporate Team Building
  3. Stress Management – general corporate initiatives
  4. Warm-up for heavy workout (Sports)


  1. Migraine Control and Reduction
  2. Tension and Stress Reduction
  3. Improved Mobility and Coordination
  4. Improved Body Control
  5. Spinal Alignment
  6. Pain Reduction

Program Elements:

Energy Circle

Participants connect through hand holding and participate in a series of breathing exercises to tune into their personal energy

Segments 2, 3 and 4

There are three exercise segments that are offered and customized for the participants.  Motion Reflexion is designed to teach individuals how to recognize and understand:  Body Symmetry, Motion Resolution and Balance. The pace of movement is conceived to encourage deep relaxation and employs techniques similar to Tia Chi, Butoh and Ballet movements. The segments consist of the following depending on the group and location:  (1) Standing (2) Sitting (3) Lying

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