Anne Sophie Roy – Bio

Anne Sophie Roy is an Author/Music Composer born and raised in Montreal in the 1970s. Born into an artistic family, she began her formation in the Arts at an early age. With classical ballet and Royal Conservatory technique piano lessons all through her childhood, she was also member of Montreal’s well established Gregorian choir Le Choeur Polyphonique de Montréal, under the direction of Yves Courville and Miklos Takacs. In her teenage years, she continued her artistic training with popular piano and joined Martine Époque’s renowned Nouvelle Aire Dance Company.

After completing collegiate studies in Human Sciences with Mathematics, she was hired by one of Montreal’s advancing advertising agency of Montreal, PALM Lintas, in parallel to pursuing academic studies in Psychology of Creativity at l’Université de Montréal. In 1989, working as an RTV producer for Charles Desjardins is the year she began composing music. She soon established herself as a freelance, working on various projects: videoclips, multimedia promotions, documentaries, exhibitions. (Projects descriptions available). During that time, she also produced a children street festival, Réunion dans la rue, in collaboration with The City of Montreal’s Economical Development and SunYouth organization.

Music composition was a calling. In 1991, she was selected by the Fine Arts of Concordia University’s prestigious multidisciplinary Arts BA program where she interrelated contemporary dance and music. Japanese Butoh teachings and Senegalese traditional dance were among Anne Sophie’s most significant influences.

During her career development, she freelanced contractual corporate assignments for: Le Ministère de l’Environnement du Québec, Motorola, Bell, Poseidon Water Treatment, Burson Marsteller PR, LPG Engineers, OXFAM Québec, Marathon Realties, Le Palais des Congrès, Robin Hood Flour, Rehandart Canada (Mouth and Foot Artists), Canadian Tire Petrolium (ARPS) and Lakeside Marketing.

In 1993 she received a national CBC Radio broadcast and introduction as a young music composer, and was invited by Concordia University to present a portion of her work as part of their Eric O’Connor ‘Light out of Darkness’ series. In 1994, she met her husband and moved to Toronto. In parallel to bringing up a son and a daughter, Anne Sophie has devoted quality time to the research and development of educational and rehabilitative music programs, among which is Motion Reflexion Relaxation. Since 2002, she has been doing educational songwriting under the umbrella of the Toronto District School Board with a registered workshop program. In 2013, her educational songs series were archived with the CBC Library as well as with the Toronto Public Library.

Her rehabilitative programs are recently being integrated as part of new resources in the Mental Health related field. From 1997 onward, inspired by British psychiatrist Dr.Anthony Storr and his literature on music and the mind, her research and rehabilitative program development have been clinically supported, reviewed and evaluated.

Anne Sophie is a silent member of Quebec’s Musician Guild, member of Canada’s Society of Authors, Composers & Music Publishers (SOCAN), and an associate member of Le Club Canadien de Toronto.

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